We offer multilingual transcription services of audio & video recordings, which is the conversion of recorded speech into readable written or electronic text. It is the accurate documentation of what was said, word for word, including when the recording involves multiple speakers in various languages.

If the quality of both your audio recording and speech clarity are high, the level of accuracy can equal that of being in the same room with the speakers and knowing exactly what transpired. And our attention to detail, familiarity with countless accents and dialects, reduces the number of instances of [unintelligible], [inaudible], or [crosstalk] in your document to a minimum.

Need to reference a specific portion of your recording for court proceedings or in a report? You can request time stamps, which are used for quickly locating a specific portion of your recording. If you elect to add time stamps to your transcript, we’ll mark timed intervals within your document, of any requested length, to indicate how much time has elapsed in the audio.

Having trouble identifying the language? Send the recording to us and we’ll tell you which language it is. In case of recordings with multiple speakers in several languages, you have the option of requesting that language tags be added to your transcription, effectively tagging who’s speaking in which language at any given time:

For translations of all portions of your audio, please see our translation services. In this case, your transcription would look like this:

[SPEAKER 1, Finnish]: “Missä hän on?”
[SPEAKER 2, Swedish]: “Jag vet inte; Jag såg honom inte. ” 

[SPEAKER 1, Finnish]: “Missä hän on?” (“Where is he?”)
[SPEAKER 2, Swedish]: “Jag vet inte; Jag såg honom inte. ”  (“I don’t know. I didn’t see him.”)

You also have the option of including detail (voice type, transcriber impression, etc.), thereby lending additional understanding to the transpired events, so your transcript would look similar to this:

[Mixed Polish/English, several speakers]
Young female: You know what, Marek? Musimy już iść.
Second female: Tak, już jest pora na nas.
Male: [sighing]
[Background music and laughter]
Older female: Przestań go trzymała na rękach cały czas.
[Inaudible Polish in background, several speakers]
Male child: Ja nie chcę bez mamy.
Male: If you want to get going, fine; so put him down already.

We accept digital files in many formats:

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • WAV
  • WMV
  • WMA
  • AIF
  • MOV
  • AVI

We create transcribed documents from audio recordings of, but not limited to, the following file types: announcements, board meetings, conference calls, conferences, consultations, conversations in elevators/parking lots/etc., courtroom proceedings/court reports, dictation, domestic disputes, evidence, focus group discussions, interviews, lectures, meetings, medical appointments, patient medical records, podcasts, presentations, room bugs, seminars, sermons, speeches, taped confrontations, teleconferences, telephone calls videos/video surveillance footage, webinars, wired body microphones, witness accounts, and more.


We adhere to the strictest CONFIDENTIALITY and SECURITY standards. Our linguists are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreement. All our work remains strictly confidential, so your transcript can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Rest assured that all proprietary information will be treated as strictly confidential.