Depending on whether you want to go BIG or TARGETED, we have the right localization service for you.

Going BIG, formally known as internationalization, is the adaptation of your content to a global audience. A website or LinkedIn page used mainly in one country may have low usability for an international clientele. In order to be functional worldwide, its content needs to be adapted, taking many factors into account, including cultural (messaging, tone, images), navigational, financial (currencies, payment methods), working dates/holiday schedules, and more.

You can distinguish yourself from your competitors and gain a competitive edge by using our internationalizing solutions. Doing so will add value to your online content, software or product by attracting more users (=increased traffic), retaining them (=increased membership base), and boosting client loyalty (=increased revenue streams).

Going TARGETED, formally known as language localization, is the adaptation of your content to a culturally specific location (region or country). We offer effective & culturally appropriate localization solutions that adapt your site, software or product to a specific culture, language and location while retaining its original look and feel. We also localize a wide range of promotional material in all commercial languages so that the translation is inherently adapted to its target audience and localized for culture, demographics and subject matter.

Reaching out to your clientele in their culturally specific language is a powerful and effective marketing tool. It will make your site, software or product more accessible and functional for your target users. Consider it today for your region-targeted marketing needs.

Still not sure your online content, software or product is localized for your target audience? Starting a local social media campaign but not feeling confident about your wording? Let us localize test it for you before you proceed full steam ahead!

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